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DESIGN / MoMA Design Store Catalog Fall 2018

Cover with the Sowden bottle for HAY

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EXHIBITION / Milano Design Week 2018

MATERIALISM - Memphis / Post Design Gallery Milano

In a world of diminishing ideology, where industrial production has covered the whole planet with objects, our consciousness is increasingly influenced by merchandise: we are what we are, because of the things that we make. Materialism – an exhibition of furniture, ceramics, carpets and drawings by Nathalie Du Pasquier and George Sowden. As founder members, they took their place in the first Memphis exhibition, Milano, September 1981. They participated in all the subsequent exhibitions until the group stopped working together, at the end of 1986. Since then, Nathalie has been working as an artist and George Sowden involved in his design studio, developing industrial products. Both of them have continued a personal interest in working with craft and small industrial organisations, of which this exhibition is a consequence.

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EXHIBITION / Milano Design Week 2017


“I am a designer and my normal day’s work is developing new product ideas and creating technical information for manufactures, as well as giving guidelines for various production processes. The artifacts, manufactured from my ideas, are for everyday use – of course they carry my signature, they represent my sensitivity, they look nice, they are new, they influence our behaviour and give identity to our environment – but they are not art, and even when I draw a pattern for a textile or a decoration for ceramic, the artwork immediately becomes a product and loses its connections with art – art is something else. And, even now when there is a lot of talk about the interference of design in the world of art, and there are a lot of examples: chairs, tables and objects reaching high prices in auctions, unique pieces, I must say that, for me, they do not substitute art. Art is more indirect. Art is more elusive and it is because art sends poetic messages without the intrusion of an implied secondary function, that for the The Heart Of The Matter exhibits I have constructed art works (and I do consider them art) using some bits-and-pieces taken from manufactured objects that I designed, including patterns I did for textiles and decorations from my ceramics. Using them as raw material I have rearranged them, sometimes changing the scale, and installing them in such a way that they are no longer recognisable as products. Decontextualised they are just colours and shapes.”


EDITORIAL / Wallpaper September 2017

WALLPAPER - Cover Nathalie Du Pasquier & George Sowden

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